We refuse to be what people call normal. 

Photography:  Kelly Marshall

1-on-1 Training. 

Power. Stabilization. Core. Weights. 
That's only the beginning.  

Training programs are designed on an individual basis to ensure each client reaches their goals safely and on a sustainable basis with the right progression and physical tolerance and growth. It all starts, first and foremost, with understanding what the clients fitness goals and physical needs are. The next step will be an assessment to address functional movement patterns, movement deficiencies, and improvement of postural issues and muscle imbalances, if any. The final step will be tailoring a program that incorporates phases to ensure training is optimal and functional while gaining strength and confidence throughout each session. 

Photography:  Evan Taylor Gunville

Bootcamp Classes.

Not for the faint hearted. 

Known for his rock-solid abs at Barry's; say Niv's name and you'll be sure to hear about one of Barry's toughest trainers. With a cult-like following, Niv's classes are sure to inspire you to run faster, lift heavier, and push harder. You'll come out humbled and inspired.  And if you haven't yet, be sure to try a new innovative Barry's Bootcamp offering with Niv utilizing the Steel Mace! Learn more about this exclusive class here.