Take it from clients who know. 


"If you truly want to push yourself, transform yourself, dig deep within yourself to a power you didn't even know you had; this is the guy."

"In my life, in and out of the gym, I've never met a man more dedicated to his craft. He will spend endless hours moulding the perfect class or personal workout to ensure maximum impact. His combinations and routines are as complex as they are fluid and, before you know it, will have you pushing your body to places you never thought it could go. The best part, results are a given. Because of his unparalleled ability to craft and execute on a vision he is able to bring his clients to unparalleled physical heights.

Yet, that's not really what makes Niv great. The best bit of Niv is his steady, unrelenting belief in you. There's no hoopla or fanfare. He doesn't belittle, he doesn't yell, he doesn't curse and you never feel less than. You just know that if he asks you to do it ... that insanely-ridiculous move or that extra set ... it's because he knows you can. And while it will absolutely, hands-down, be the most challenging thing you've ever done you'll do it, even if you are struggling to believe in you ... because Niv."

"This guy is no joke. He is the best of the best, the hardest of the hardest - the most unique, challenging and insane workouts out there."

"No fanfare. No gimmicks. He is here to drive you to your limit And he does it. Every time."

"In just over 4 months: -Lost 30+ lbs. while still building muscle -Lost two inches off my waist -My body fat % has dropped dramatically from just over 20% to 11-12% Niv is a positive influence outside the gym. He’s truly a role model for healthy living. Niv DOES NOT MESS AROUND. What you’ll slowly realize by taking Niv is that your mind plays a bigger role in how you perform during class. He will take you to your threshold and push you to blast through it. You’ll finish class breathless, beat-up and asking yourself if you are downright sadistic by subjecting yourself to such a challenge. But you’ll walk out of that room a better person, a healthier person, and one that is posed to push even harder the next time around (I recently took Niv twice in one day). Niv is a master motivator and expects your absolute best every time you walk into that room. He is a life changer and there simply is no substitute." 

"An Israeli love affair."

"You just want to work hard for him."