Steel Mace 

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What is Steel Mace? 

Originally developed by the ancient Persian warrior elite, the mace style of training is an incredibly powerful tool for shoring up weakness, preventing injury and creating full body strength that starts from the inside out. The simplest way to explain the mace is a dumbbell head on a bar. By configuration, the heavier weight is on one side of the mace. The mace exists in weighs ranging from 7-20 lbs and by nature feels heavier about 2.5 times its weight. 

Want to try? Catch Niv exclusively at Barry's Bootcamp teaching Steel Mace on Saturday nights! To learn more about what to expect, please read the FAQ below! 


Steel Mace FAQ

What can I expect in Niv's Steel Mace class? 

The steel mace class will include mobility and core sessions coupled with steel mace training. In addition, the class will include total of 15 minutes of treadmill sessions which will be designed to activate different physical energy systems through non ordinary treadmill drills.  We at Barrys believe that constant challenge is the best way to achieve optimum results and never plateau. We also believe the that the Barrys umbrella offers exactly that. The class is aimed to mentally and physically challenge you in ways you have not experienced before. 

 Is it still a Barry's class?  Will I run on the treadmill?

The class is conducted through Barry's Bootcamp format, alternating mace training with treadmill sections. The treadmill section will be however shorter in duration to allow for additional mace time, mobility and core work on the floor. They will also include variations that are not typically the focus of treadmill sessions. The mace class is a new innovative Barry's Bootcamp offering bringing to our clients developments in the fitness world and to allowing another form of training all under the familiar results-proven Barrys form of training. 

I'm a beginner.  Can I still come? 

Absolutely. We are all steel mace beginners and will be learning and progressing as a group. The class is designed to provide each attendee a clear and feasible to follow path to the utilization of the mace. Each class will start with an overview of basic principles - grip, form and foundation movements. 

How is using the Steel Mace different than using free weights?

The steel mace provides an avenue for training via the use of offset weight on the end of a long lever. The uneven weight distribution is continually triggering forces that act on the rotational make up of our bodies. Due to gravity, we are subject to those forces constantly reinforcing the imbalance that weakens our strength. The steel mace training would provide an opportunity to engage these forces and activate new ones through purposeful multi-planar movement which will constantly force the body to fight for stability and core engagement. Incorporating the steel mace into your fitness routine is a great way to enhance your performance, develop grip and core strength, and optimize joint mobility while being challenged mentally and physically. The mace is an innovative tool which through consistent training provides next level sculpting and leanness and is recognized among fitness professionals as the fitness tool of the future.